Descriptive essay assignment is a task that is really easy for some students but present no end of trouble for others – it is all due to personal characteristics of people and the topics you get. Descriptive essay is a fairly easy kind of writing in terms of specific features – there is nothing unexpected, it is exactly what you can expect from the task with such a name – you have to describe something, you may write a descriptive essay about a person, about something you remember, about a place or object, any living being, anything that can be described.

The ideas for descriptive essay, naturally, should come from your own memory and experience, it is hard to advise anything in particular. Study a sample of descriptive essay or two, look at what people describe in them and you may get a better idea of what from your own life can be described in the similar manner.

When performing a descriptive essay assignment be sure to write as vividly and clearly as it is possible – the ideal descriptive essay is the one that makes the reader feel as if he had himself seen, smelled and felt everything you have described. Don’t forget to remember about all five senses and apply them whenever it is appropriate, constantly asking yourself whether you have forgotten anything or not.

The best way to write your first essay of this kind is to find a sample of descriptive essay you really like and try to understand what makes it so good. Don’t copy anything or imitate the manner – try to analyze and find out what is the most important in description for you personally – and it is very likely that you will be able to use the same principle in the piece of writing of your own.

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