Descriptive essays are great source of enjoyment for those people who know how to write descriptive essays. But there are many people who always look forward to write good and expressive descriptive essays. The essay should contain the truth it does not matter that what you really want to write about it can be about car, piano, tree or any social personality etc. your essay should make a statement and it should always be supported with the proof that what you have written is right. Good example of a descriptive essay can be very helpful in your work.

If you look for a descriptive essay definition it can be defined as

descriptive essay thesis is a kind of paper that describes some objects, topics, phenomenon or event. Descriptive essays represent the description of a process put in a succinct writing. They comprise of the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

The opening paragraph of the descriptive essay is “thesis”. It also called hypothesis .and hypothesis is totally based on research and observation. It gives the main base of the essay and after that different explanations are given to prove the facts that you have given as your thesis. It is not important that you only give the fact and figures. You can also give your opinions about the idea. The most important thing is that you should be carrying every thing intellectually. In the ending paragraph you can also change the opinion which you was giving in the beginning of the essay .it is not important that you always give your final conclusion about the topic because it is just a presumption but totally depending on the observations and proofs that are collected.

If you want to see the structure of the descriptive essay thesis you can make it in three points

1) Your main idea (2) your evidences about it (3) your own views about it

Example of a descriptive essay is very easy to find, there are millions of essays as many writers have written it for example Dracula, India etc.

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