When the question is about the descriptive essay, we usually mean the essay in which the writer is describing different issues (a person, a place, a thing or even some abstract matter). This is quit a typical task that students get. But at the same time it is one of the stumbling-blocks, students face with. The thing is that very often, even though they are good at generating high quality prose, students find it hard to format their papers. One of the typical and most common formats their professors require them to work with is the Turabian style. On one hand, Turabian descriptive essay has the same structure as the rest of them (introduction, body, conclusion), but there are several features that are used in Turabian descriptive essay only.

First of all, writing descriptive essay of Turabian format needs the other citation format. There are 2 types of the Turabian descriptive essay formats, one of which is used in case with natural science field and the other one with humanities field. In the first case you need to include the superscript number in the descriptive essay, which then you will have to match with the reference which is at the page bottom. In the bibliography sources page you should match all references.  Things are different with the descriptive essay written for the humanities field. Notes in parenthesis are necessary when you cite in the work. Then these citations need to be matched in the page that you allotted for references. One shouldn’t use bibliography in case with descriptive essay of Turabian format. Don’t forget to write the references in accordance with the alphabetical scheme at the end of the work. Once you clearly understand the main points of the descriptive essay of Turabian format this type of work won’t seem nightmarish for you anymore!

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