Descriptive essay is, clearly, an essay that is supposed to give a detailed description of something – no matter what it is, a person, an experience, an event or situation from the past and so on. The best way to learn how to write it is to study at least one example descriptive essay which can be easily found somewhere on the Internet. Remember, however, that the main point is description, and all that is perceived by the human being is based on five senses: sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. You are not supposed to describe what you think – only what you perceive. Keep this in mind and it will be much easier for you to write descriptive essay.

As we have already said, descriptive essay topics are numerous and diverse; to put it in a nutshell, almost anything may serve as one: describe your relative, friend, your apartment or a place you have visited in the past, your first visit to school – anything. But first of all it is a good idea, of course, to select a topic and look for an example descriptive essay dealing with a similar one – just to look at how one should approach such an assignment. You may study any number of theoretical recommendations to how to write descriptive essay and still have no idea how you are supposed to do it practically. Study the examples and you will at least be able to imitate the same approach, even if you don’t know what it is based on.

Don’t forget to start with a plan, even if the essay you are writing is not very long or, probably, especially if it is not very long, for you will need all the spare space you can have. If you define how long every step is going to take, you won’t have any problems.

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