Writing a descriptive essay may seem quite a difficult task but having reliable tips for writing a descriptive essay will help you to cope with the task in the twinkling of an eye!

First of all, let us find out what a descriptive essay is. A descriptive essay is a type of written paper used to describe some place, person or a thing in details so that the reader could have a precise mental picture of what is being described.

If you were assigned with the task to write a descriptive essay about the beach, you have an opportunity to create a professionally written descriptive essay that put into words a clear image of this location to your reader. Working on your project, don’t forget about traditional descriptive essay format: three or more paragraphs that include the introduction section, the body and the conclusion.

Writing a descriptive essay about the beach you have been to, provides you with an opportunity to express your personal feelings or perspective about this location. Try to transport your reader with concise and descriptive words that convey your own vision of this beach.

  1. The introduction

You, as the author of the essay, should write in present tense in order to describe what motivated you to choose this very place in order to write a descriptive essay about. Introductory paragraph should consist of at least two sentences and clearly mention the full name of the location. Inform your readers about exciting facts you know about the beach if it was assigned and not selected. For instance, if you decided to write about the beaches in Saint-Tropez (France), you may mention that Tropezien beaches are located on the five-kilometre shore.

  1. The body

You may write an essay body of 1-5 paragraphs that includes the sights, the smells, the sounds, the tastes and the feeling of the beach. Select clear and monosemantic adjectives to describe all the aspects of this place in order to make them identifiable for the readers who have already been to Saint-Tropez and understandable to the readers who haven’t had such an opportunity to bask in the sun on the azure shore.

  1. The conclusion paragraph

Generate conclusive paragraph that includes a brief restatement of the essay inspiration and summarizes any personal memories, feelings or recommendations from the visitors of the place. In this section you’ve got a chance to clarify your overall impression of the Saint-Tropez beach.

  1. Editing, revising & proofreading

Make sure to proofread and edit the first draft in order to bring in any spelling and grammar corrections. Retype or rewrite the final draft in accordance with the tutor instructions. Read and revise.

Among the other topics for descriptive essays, one may give preference to:

  • Describe the moment when you were climbing a high mountain
  • Describe your trip to Machu Picchu
  • Describe the best ceremony you ever attended
  • Describe your favourite movie
  • Describe the most memorable experience of your life

Avail of these topics for descriptive essays or create your own – impress your tutors!

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