A descriptive essay is a prose composition that focuses on detailed observations and descriptions to express a context, situation or item. An ideal descriptive essay uses sensory details to describe an item thereby creating a vivid mental picture. It uses a language that involves the reader completely in the author’s emotions. It spark’s the reader’s interest in the item instead of creating monotony that might happen with a narration.

Many websites online teach you the tips and tricks on how to write a descriptive essay. Essentially, a great descriptive essay has an organizational pattern consisting of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction establishes the purpose of describing an item. The body contains the descriptions in detail written using a colorful and attractive language. It provides insights into the author’s perceptions and thoughts about the item. The conclusion summarizes the author’s thoughts and reinforces the main idea or purpose of the essay provoking a line of thought in the reader’s mind.

Although writing such essays might seem fairly simple, unless one has  mastery over the language and adequate creativity, it can become a formidable task. However, help is just a click away as certain websites and online freelance writers help to write custom descriptive essay that are a boon particularly to students. Some of the websites that write custom descriptive essay at reasonable prices are CustomsWritings.com, EssayTopics.net, EssayWritingServices.org and Advancewriters.com. These websites hire experienced and proficient writers from many disciplines who can provide essays on a range of topics. The writers are dedicated to the service of their customers and assure of quality work that comes with a guaranteed privacy protection. Thus, the customers, particularly students need not feel the burden on their pockets for the excellent support given to them in completing writing works in time.

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