For academic purposes, students require several types of essays. Among all of those, the argumentative essay is the most distinct type. In addition, every student has to come up with several argumentative essays for completion of assessments. That is why it is necessary for all the academics to have a sound knowledge regarding the argumentative essays.

  • Argument essay is completely different from the descriptive essays, but most of the students think otherwise. Very often, they become confused with those two types of essays as well. Moreover, the stimulation of writing an argument essay should not come from the descriptive essay prompts. As the format and ideology of both of those papers are different, every student should understand the difference between descriptive essay prompts and argumentative essay prompts.
  • From the name of argumentative essays, it can easily be assessed that an argumentative essay does need an argument to continue. Moreover, the students must have to make specific points rather than simply describing something. In the introductory portion, there should be a thesis statement. After that, the body of the essay should have contents for defending or supporting the argument.  On the other hand, descriptive essays must have a vivid and colorful depiction of something along with the central impression. In case of writing a descriptive essay, one should be careful about making the content graphical. The student should understand that the content should not be encyclopedic. Moreover, the writing should be sensuous and appealing as well.
  • While writing an argumentative essay, the student should figure out a point that he or she could defend. Students should follow the guidelines of teachers while focusing on any particular issue as well. In descriptive essays, the student should describe the point of interest elaborately. Let us look at an example. While writing down a descriptive essay beach, the content should be about the graphical representation of the beach. It should not make any particular opinion for which arguments can be pointed. It is the basic difference between those two types of essays.

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