In this article we will talk about how to write a descriptive essay within the shortest period of time. The first task in writing this type of an essay is to go through topics for descriptive essays and to select the most suitable one. Unless your imagination is really vivid, you’ll find it extremely hard to generate much content about a simple thing like a candlestick, for instance. Make use of some example of a descriptive essay available on the web or compare several topics to make sure your choice is right.

The next step is to work out the most successful way to provide description to the subject you’ve chosen, which means you need to figure out the method of how you transfer your experience to the reader, so that he could hear, see and feel everything by means of your words. The drafting step is a key to successful descriptive writing. Since the essay purpose is to build up a mental image of some subject, the draft will help to generate a list of all the elements associated with your topic.

For instance, if the subject of the paper is the lodge house you’ve spent Christmas holidays at, you need to provide a list of all the things you associate with it. Make certain you include both personal attributes linked to the house and general things that make this place special for you.

Start a descriptive essay with pretty general details:

  • Mountain
  • Forest
  • Wild Animals
  • Lodge house
  • Well

Take any example of a descriptive essay and you’ll see that it is necessary to add some specific and unique details:

  • That snow spot where you used to make snow angels
  • Playing hide & seek in the snowing garden
  • Making snowmen with your cousins
  • Howling coyotes terrifying you in the middle of a night

The essay will become more relatable to the audience if you tie all the details together. Make sure to properly organize a good order for the things you’ll be describing. For instance, if you think about describing an object, you should, first of all, determine whether you’re going to describe it from side to side or from bottom to the top. Remember, it is recommended to start your essay with general descriptions and proceed to more specific ones.

Outline a five-paragraph essay which includes three key points. Next step is to develop it on the basic outline. Then your task is to generate a thesis statement together with a trial topic sentence needed for every main paragraph.

When you work on your paragraphs make sure you do not confuse your reader with loads of unfamiliar information at once. Introduce your topic easily in an introductory section. And finally, never overload one paragraph with too much information. Every paragraph should include description for a separate aspect.

The conclusion is your opportunity to link everything and provide the restatement for the essay thesis. Summarize what all the details mean to you and why they are important.

How to write a descriptive essay? As easy as pie!

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