A descriptive essay is written in order to describe something – usually something in physical reality – in all possible detail, so that the reader would be able to imagine it. If you are given a descriptive essay of MLA format to write then it means that the teacher doesn’t only intend to assess your skills in description, but also wants to make sure you have at least some understanding of how is the MLA format applied to academic writing. For an unprepared person it may be burdensome to study the whole manual, so here are the basics in writing descriptive essay of MLA format:

  • The page where you enumerate all the sources you used for writing your essay and quoted is called “Works Cited”, is located at the end of the work and arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Descriptive essay of MLA format ends with the Works Cited page, but it is preceded by the list of endnotes.
  • Titles of books and other sources, as well as things you want to emphasize, should be written in italics or underlined. More recent variants of manual, however, recommend using italics.
  • The sources are cited in-text and referred to parenthetically.
  • All the margins in the essay should be 1 inch, double-spacing is used from the beginning to the end, including the Works Cited Page.
  • When dealing with electronic sources you should present all the usual information you can collect where you have found them, plus Internet address and the date of access.

Haven’t found all the necessary information? You are free to study the rest of our site and find everything you may need on writing an MLA descriptive essay. We will be more than happy to help you in your academic endeavors.

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