Writing an Article Review Essay

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Whenever someone writes an article review this is an analysis of what the reviewer thought of the article. The article review will include the authors name and what the author did or did not do correctly. The reviewer should include many things in an article review. The article review should include what the reviewer did or did not like about the article. Sometimes the article might be based upon research but the author of the article did not include a reference list to verify the article was based upon research. In this case the person writing the article review should include this in the article review.

An article review essay is an assessment of how the article was written. If the article was written poorly the article review should reflect this. An article is written poorly if the author of the article uses improper English and grammar throughout the article. The article should be a reflection of quality research and should not be based upon the author’s opinion or prior knowledge. Even if the author has prior knowledge of a subject the author should conduct and include a little research to go with the article. Having a bibliography will add to the credibility of the author. Without a bibliography the article will look like the author just talked through the author’s nose. Article writing with a bibliography will give readers another opportunity to read further on the subject being discussed in the article. When an author sits down to write an article the author should have a list of research that has been conducted to construct the article.

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