If you have given a task to write a descriptive essay and it’s your first time to do it, than you should not be worried. As here, we will provide you some helpful descriptive essay ideas that would lead you to write your own essay with ease.

Identify Your Focus of Writing:

Before start writing, it is necessary that you should prepare your own descriptive essay’s lesson plan that how would you like to do it and whom or what you are going to describe. Would it be a place, any personality, any object or would it be about any experience.

Objective of your Writing:

So, once you decided what you are going to write, now consider the reason of your writing. What aspect of would like to highlight. Keeping your objective clear would help you to focus on what you have to write and you would choose the vocabulary according to that particular emotion.

Recall and Write the minute descriptions

While writing the essay, make sure to focus on the minute description. Recall the things in your mind, feel them as how do they appear, how do they smell, how do they taste. While writing, adding minute description would create an interest for the user. Use lots of adjectives and portray the scene in front of the readers. The reader would have the vivid experience if your essay would focus on the basic senses, i.e., taste, sound, sight, smell and touch. Use clear language that is easy to understand by the reader. Avoid using Jargons that would distract readers’ mind.


After finishing your essay, revise your work. Check the3 formatting of your paper and create a checklist to evaluate your paper. Evaluate that have you written every minute detail and is it interesting for the reader. Did your choice of words convey your message to the readers?  If you follow all the listed descriptive essay ideas, you can write an interesting essay.


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