Everybody knows that one should write only what one knows. Personal descriptive essay specifically follows this rule. These essays comprise of the experience of the writer only. One need not create any sort of epic in writing the personal narrative essay at all. All one needs to write is about his or her feelings and experiences.

The most important point while writing personal descriptive essay is to use natural language only. Some of the descriptive essay examples use pronouns like I, we, me etc. These pronouns can be used by one to describe one’s own personal experiences. In descriptive essays one needs to think differently about things. One cannot afford to be very formal in these types of essays as the entire essay would really look weird then.

The descriptive essay example comprises of imagining oneself as if telling a story to the reader.  The languages of these essays are quite simple and sober at the same time. One should write as if the reader does not know about the writer at all. The essay is only going to tell him everything about the writer. Every little detail that one puts in the essay should capture the interest of the reader. It should not be well-framed so that the reader is able to feel the depth of the essay.

The descriptive essay lesson plans are taught during the middle and high schools itself. One needs to write descriptive essays in a way which pertains the interest of the reader and does not overboard the reader. One should avoid using big words and try to use adjectives. All one needs to do while writing descriptive essays is to write about the personal experiences, eye-openers and other events that have taken place in the life. One only needs to be expressive and that is enough to write a delicate descriptive essay.


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