A descriptive essay, as the name indicates, describes a topic or theme in a vivid and descriptive manner. This type of essay usually has a subjective character as it mainly includes the opinions and thoughts of the writer. The main aim of descriptive essay writing is to give the reader an understanding of a particular topic. If you have to write a descriptive essay for your academic purpose, here are some suggestions that may aid you to write high quality, authentic descriptive essays.

In order to write descriptive essay, the first thing you have to do is to select an interesting and attention catching topic. Typically, a descriptive essay focuses on narrating a person, a location, a memory, a thing, or an experience. After deciding the subject of the essay, determine the purpose of your descriptive essay writing and how you want to portray your topic.

Descriptive essays usually have three parts – an introductory part with a thesis statement, main body of the essay, and the concluding paragraph. The introductory paragraph should introduce the subject and main idea of the essay to the reader. In the main body of the essay, you can write about your opinions and feelings on the topic. Divide it into several paragraphs and make sure that each paragraph explains one idea or feature of the description. This is the most important part of the essay and you should try to make this portion as much interesting as possible. The concluding part should contain a summary of the thesis statement and the main idea of the essay. Do not forget to do a through homework before starting to write your descriptive essay.

It is important to write descriptive essay in a lucid and rational manner. Use appropriative sensory words to describe your feelings and emotions. You can make your descriptive essay more interesting by using an illustrative and descriptive language. However, avoid using too much adjectives, adverbs, metaphors, and similes. Never go overboard with description. Adhere to the required format and style of writing. After completing the writing, proofread the essay for any structural, spelling, or grammatical mistakes. Also make sure that the essay is well organized.

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