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A biography is an in-depth description of someone life. The biography contains information including; education, work and basic personal information. It may also contain information on the achievements of the person. With the modern internet technology, biographies of famous personalities are available online. These Sample biographies can help a writer or anyone while writing a biography. If you are aware of any famous person then you may Google search for his or her biography and observe the outline that the writer has used in writing the biography. While writing the biography, arrange your information in the same order as the other writer. Make sure that the literature in the biography is non fiction. This is because the biography is an account of the real life lived by an individual.

Students in high schools and lower levels are encouraged to access biographies of such famous people. A biography of a famous individual may inspire students to work hard in life. In many libraries, many articles containing biographies of famous people around the world are available to allow students access them. Information on such famous persons may as well be useful in their coursework or essay. For example; history and art & architecture courses at high school level. Therefore, biographies carry useful historical information about famous persons. Some lecturers and tutors may even require their students to write biographies in their assignments.

Some of the commonly viewed biographies include: president Obama’s biography and Martin Luther king’s biography. The biography of Martin Luther reveals that he changed his name from Michael Luther when he was thirteen to Martin Luther king Jr. The biography also reveals the efforts he made in fighting for the rights of the blacks in the United States.

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