How One Writes a Descriptive Essay

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At a glance, a descriptive essay assignment looks a bit too easy – after all, what can be difficult about just describing something? Surely anybody can do it! However, it may turn out to be more complex than it seems.

First of all, you may be asked to write something more complicated than a description of some material object. The description of a memory or an experience from your past may just as well become the topic of a descriptive essay; read a sample of descriptive essay or two and you will find out that virtually anything can serve as the basis for this kind of academic assignment.

The main specific feature on which a good essay of this type should be based is detailing – after all, it is what the idea of description is. You write it not because the teacher wants to read about something from your personal experience; you write it to learn how to give careful and detailed description of something. Let us say, you write a descriptive essay about a person; it means that you should imagine this person before you in all the detail and try to give as accurate picture of him or her as possible: complexion, hair and eye color, form of nose, mannerisms – on all these little details the description is built and they are far more important than any generalized statements.

Thus you see that a descriptive essay assignment may be trickier than it may seem. However, learn the basics, try to find a good sample of descriptive essay dealing with a similar topic and you will most probably succeed – all in all, there is nothing impossibly difficult about this type of assignment. Just remember that you have five senses and try to include all of them in your text.

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