How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

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Unlike other types of essays, descriptive essays have more impact on the readers. A good example descriptive essay can be valued on the basis of how the subject is described in it rather than the facts and analysis it contains. How to write descriptive essay is not as easy a question to answer. It involves a lot of observations and the process of how beautifully it can be translated to an essay. To write descriptive essay requires a special skill which can be achieved by way of referring a good example descriptive essay and choosing the best descriptive essay topics.

Steps to write a descriptive essay


When you wish to write descriptive essay effectively, you need to know what you are going to highlight in the topic. It is very important to know exactly what you want to describe in it. Normally, Descriptive essays topics are based on Eminent Personalities, Places, Monuments, Incidents, objects etc. The focus should be ultimately on what you observe or experience about the topic that you are going to write, in a descriptive essay.


Why you are writing a descriptive essay is another area of focus in descriptive essay writing. There will be a reason why you are planning to write a descriptive essay about anything. To take the topic in to you mind and create a reason for writing about it is the first step in writing an essay effectively. Once you imbibe both the topic and the reason to write, it will ease the whole process of writing a descriptive essay.


Next is how to write a descriptive essay impressively. This is very important in descriptive essays because it should be a little more imaginative and descriptive in its structure. For example: you can say ‘it is raining heavily’ and you can also say ‘it is raining cats and dogs’. Both tell you the same thing but in different ways. Which one is more catchy?  So it is always best to sew in certain phrases and idioms in descriptive essays to keep the readers cling on it till the last sentence of it. That is the success of a good descriptive essay writer and his writings as well.

To put it in short, Planning, Drafting and Revising are the three vital tips to make your descriptive essay more effective and attractive.

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