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Article review is all about creative and critical thinking that should be highly involved when one is reviewing an article. An article review should always be well written and organized for the purpose of good image. To custom review an article it is essential that the person who is reviewing reads the article more than once to understand it well. Reading it carefully makes you get to understand better the idea as well as opinions of the main author and this helps you write a good article review. While planning how to write the article review it is good to draft the main points as well as go through the introductory part and the conclusion headings and make a summary of each of the headings. As you write assignment the article review try to reflect on the authors main ideas and write them yourself. As you do so you will generate your own ideas as well as finding a good language that can express them well.  As you read the main article ask yourself questions. For ax ample why the main author said this in this section of the article? Or and what does the authors main ideas implicate? This will help you have quick answers that will act as material for writing the article review. As you write the article review make sure you have enough evidence that can support your ideas whether the ideas are positive or negative. Your points and ideas should be understandable and clear as well as well developed. After custom writing, crosscheck your article review to correct any mistakes such as grammatical errors, punctuation and others. This makes you feel confident that the review is well written.

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