How to write expository essays? Remember, writing these essays is not simple because the definition of these expository essays is so confusing. In most of the cases, the students become worried because of the confusing meanings of expository essays. If you are among these students then you need to tackle down this issue by using common sense. There is no need to be worried about the definition of these essays. Actually, expository essay is a writing collection or style that expresses the following points.

  • How to do something?
  • What makes ideas and concepts useful or damaging?
  • Help to analyze the situations, objects, events and written objects or materials.
  • A writing style that is useful to depict a process.
  • Papers or essays helpful to explain history and historical events.

When looking for the descriptive essay definition, you should remember these points. As a matter of fact, the expository essays or papers are helpful to discuss the important steps, processes, points, events and situations. The examples of descriptive essays should be seen in order to understand what points and matters should be discussed and focused.

This is the most important point for the students who are writing these essays. When writing an expository essay, the students should not ignore the authenticity of historical events and situations. However, if you are writing these essays to analyze the importance of any step, event, process and method then it is necessary to find true facts. The facts should be related to the efficiency and working benefits of these things. No doubt, you have got the necessary expository essays writing techniques but it is suggested to keep the exact descriptive essay definition in mind. Don’t forget or ignore the definition of these essays because it makes the writer confused once again.


These days, it’s becoming easier for a student or for a person interested in essay writing to get quality essay examples. It’s the internet that is considered as the storehouse for the all the information we are looking for can deliver you the best essay examples quickly and easily. However, writing argument essay is often considered as a tough job by many. These essays are mostly written and based on the topics that can trigger an argument straightaway. So, before you delve deep into argumentative essay writing, it’s often better to know a few facts about argument topics.

There are 2 common sides for every argumentative topic. And in order to write essay on these topics, you should have enough and valid details that can both oppose as well as support each side. Such essay examples are mostly based on different things and may vary in different way. These topics may range from homosexuality to politics and from teenage pregnancy to immigration. It also covers several other topics which are now becoming a great point to argument on by people. Sometime these topics also cover social values and morals.

If you are looking forward to write argument essays on these topics, then you have to offer enough information that can support your point of argument on which the essay in based on. And at the same time you are also required to stay prepared for any kind of argument that may come in your way once other from the opposing side will read on your essay. However, the prime objective of argument essays is to make the readers feel convinced that the facts and information supplied through the writing are true and the writer is backing up the topic with strong and valid reasons. You can also find examples of a descriptive essay online which are now drawing most attention from the essay writers.

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Descriptive essays are great source of enjoyment for those people who know how to write descriptive essays. But there are many people who always look forward to write good and expressive descriptive essays. The essay should contain the truth it does not matter that what you really want to write about it can be about car, piano, tree or any social personality etc. your essay should make a statement and it should always be supported with the proof that what you have written is right. Good example of a descriptive essay can be very helpful in your work.

If you look for a descriptive essay definition it can be defined as

descriptive essay thesis is a kind of paper that describes some objects, topics, phenomenon or event. Descriptive essays represent the description of a process put in a succinct writing. They comprise of the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

The opening paragraph of the descriptive essay is “thesis”. It also called hypothesis .and hypothesis is totally based on research and observation. It gives the main base of the essay and after that different explanations are given to prove the facts that you have given as your thesis. It is not important that you only give the fact and figures. You can also give your opinions about the idea. The most important thing is that you should be carrying every thing intellectually. In the ending paragraph you can also change the opinion which you was giving in the beginning of the essay .it is not important that you always give your final conclusion about the topic because it is just a presumption but totally depending on the observations and proofs that are collected.

If you want to see the structure of the descriptive essay thesis you can make it in three points

1) Your main idea (2) your evidences about it (3) your own views about it

Example of a descriptive essay is very easy to find, there are millions of essays as many writers have written it for example Dracula, India etc.

Tips of Solving Probability Problems

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As a student you may ask yourself, ‘if someone could do my probability problems.’ But, the hardiest part that makes you tricky is the fact that, you are required to do them systematically. That is, following a specific procedure. If you are good in mathematics, you will realize there are many ways that you can do your probability problems.

First of all, you are required to ask yourself the meaning of probability before asking someone ‘please do my probability problems.’ Basically, it is the occurrence of an event. For example, if you toss a coin, there is a chance of getting a head or a tail. If you can imagine that, then you will come up with a solution when doing your probability problems.

The internet is the answer to all your problems; as a student all I need to do is outsource my probability assignment for a worthy course. The first step I should take into consideration is to find the best outsourcing site for my project, then hire someone who meet the necessary requirements that I adhere to. This is the most efficient methods to solve my probability online, since I can specify a limited time for when I need the project done.

Another great merit about this strategy is the fact that I can evaluate one’s skills and profession before I assign the task. This is essential if I need to obtain reliable and effective cadences for the job. Another factor as to why I should solve my probability online is to save my time and lots of hustles.

Another great aspect about this method is that, as a student I am charged according to amount of task I posses. It’s easy and free to outsource my probability assignment, but I need to pay someone to do my probability assignment for me.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

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Unlike other types of essays, descriptive essays have more impact on the readers. A good example descriptive essay can be valued on the basis of how the subject is described in it rather than the facts and analysis it contains. How to write descriptive essay is not as easy a question to answer. It involves a lot of observations and the process of how beautifully it can be translated to an essay. To write descriptive essay requires a special skill which can be achieved by way of referring a good example descriptive essay and choosing the best descriptive essay topics.

Steps to write a descriptive essay


When you wish to write descriptive essay effectively, you need to know what you are going to highlight in the topic. It is very important to know exactly what you want to describe in it. Normally, Descriptive essays topics are based on Eminent Personalities, Places, Monuments, Incidents, objects etc. The focus should be ultimately on what you observe or experience about the topic that you are going to write, in a descriptive essay.


Why you are writing a descriptive essay is another area of focus in descriptive essay writing. There will be a reason why you are planning to write a descriptive essay about anything. To take the topic in to you mind and create a reason for writing about it is the first step in writing an essay effectively. Once you imbibe both the topic and the reason to write, it will ease the whole process of writing a descriptive essay.


Next is how to write a descriptive essay impressively. This is very important in descriptive essays because it should be a little more imaginative and descriptive in its structure. For example: you can say ‘it is raining heavily’ and you can also say ‘it is raining cats and dogs’. Both tell you the same thing but in different ways. Which one is more catchy?  So it is always best to sew in certain phrases and idioms in descriptive essays to keep the readers cling on it till the last sentence of it. That is the success of a good descriptive essay writer and his writings as well.

To put it in short, Planning, Drafting and Revising are the three vital tips to make your descriptive essay more effective and attractive.

Write Assignment and Custom Review

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Article review is all about creative and critical thinking that should be highly involved when one is reviewing an article. An article review should always be well written and organized for the purpose of good image. To custom review an article it is essential that the person who is reviewing reads the article more than once to understand it well. Reading it carefully makes you get to understand better the idea as well as opinions of the main author and this helps you write a good article review. While planning how to write the article review it is good to draft the main points as well as go through the introductory part and the conclusion headings and make a summary of each of the headings. As you write assignment the article review try to reflect on the authors main ideas and write them yourself. As you do so you will generate your own ideas as well as finding a good language that can express them well.  As you read the main article ask yourself questions. For ax ample why the main author said this in this section of the article? Or and what does the authors main ideas implicate? This will help you have quick answers that will act as material for writing the article review. As you write the article review make sure you have enough evidence that can support your ideas whether the ideas are positive or negative. Your points and ideas should be understandable and clear as well as well developed. After custom writing, crosscheck your article review to correct any mistakes such as grammatical errors, punctuation and others. This makes you feel confident that the review is well written.

In this article we will talk about how to write a descriptive essay within the shortest period of time. The first task in writing this type of an essay is to go through topics for descriptive essays and to select the most suitable one. Unless your imagination is really vivid, you’ll find it extremely hard to generate much content about a simple thing like a candlestick, for instance. Make use of some example of a descriptive essay available on the web or compare several topics to make sure your choice is right.

The next step is to work out the most successful way to provide description to the subject you’ve chosen, which means you need to figure out the method of how you transfer your experience to the reader, so that he could hear, see and feel everything by means of your words. The drafting step is a key to successful descriptive writing. Since the essay purpose is to build up a mental image of some subject, the draft will help to generate a list of all the elements associated with your topic.

For instance, if the subject of the paper is the lodge house you’ve spent Christmas holidays at, you need to provide a list of all the things you associate with it. Make certain you include both personal attributes linked to the house and general things that make this place special for you.

Start a descriptive essay with pretty general details:

  • Mountain
  • Forest
  • Wild Animals
  • Lodge house
  • Well

Take any example of a descriptive essay and you’ll see that it is necessary to add some specific and unique details:

  • That snow spot where you used to make snow angels
  • Playing hide & seek in the snowing garden
  • Making snowmen with your cousins
  • Howling coyotes terrifying you in the middle of a night

The essay will become more relatable to the audience if you tie all the details together. Make sure to properly organize a good order for the things you’ll be describing. For instance, if you think about describing an object, you should, first of all, determine whether you’re going to describe it from side to side or from bottom to the top. Remember, it is recommended to start your essay with general descriptions and proceed to more specific ones.

Outline a five-paragraph essay which includes three key points. Next step is to develop it on the basic outline. Then your task is to generate a thesis statement together with a trial topic sentence needed for every main paragraph.

When you work on your paragraphs make sure you do not confuse your reader with loads of unfamiliar information at once. Introduce your topic easily in an introductory section. And finally, never overload one paragraph with too much information. Every paragraph should include description for a separate aspect.

The conclusion is your opportunity to link everything and provide the restatement for the essay thesis. Summarize what all the details mean to you and why they are important.

How to write a descriptive essay? As easy as pie!

Writing an Article Review Essay

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Whenever someone writes an article review this is an analysis of what the reviewer thought of the article. The article review will include the authors name and what the author did or did not do correctly. The reviewer should include many things in an article review. The article review should include what the reviewer did or did not like about the article. Sometimes the article might be based upon research but the author of the article did not include a reference list to verify the article was based upon research. In this case the person writing the article review should include this in the article review.

An article review essay is an assessment of how the article was written. If the article was written poorly the article review should reflect this. An article is written poorly if the author of the article uses improper English and grammar throughout the article. The article should be a reflection of quality research and should not be based upon the author’s opinion or prior knowledge. Even if the author has prior knowledge of a subject the author should conduct and include a little research to go with the article. Having a bibliography will add to the credibility of the author. Without a bibliography the article will look like the author just talked through the author’s nose. Article writing with a bibliography will give readers another opportunity to read further on the subject being discussed in the article. When an author sits down to write an article the author should have a list of research that has been conducted to construct the article.

Dissertation Writing

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Dissertation is also known as thesis and is part of assessment that is usually done to the students who are pursuing their doctorate degree. Dissertation writing only comes in place when a student has undergone a major training through the coursework and has passed the first complete examination. Dissertation is considered only if it is original and makes a new contribution to the area of study. This means that for a student to come up with dissertation, creativity must take the center stage with a complete new idea. The dissertation idea must not be necessarily new but can comprise the development of the already existing idea but expressed in a different fashion together with different modes of research papers. Empirical research must be conducted by the student of doctorate especially in the field of scientific programs and even the social sciences. Dissertations take quite a longer time for the students to complete because they are so much involving and tiresome. For one to come up with a good dissertation paper, a relevant topic of interest must be formulated with relevant hypothesis to support or contradict the topic. Facts must be presented in an eloquent manner convectional scientific languages must come part of the dissertation. Most students are always guided by their facilitators to come up with a formidable dissertation topics so that errors are reduced to the minimal. Dissertation is a proof that the student truly qualifies to be a good researcher; this is one of the most fundamental paper that indicates the capabilities of the student while at the university. Dissertation is always divided into chapters and has a well adopted page of content for easy referencing.

Writing Biography Essays

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A biography is an in-depth description of someone life. The biography contains information including; education, work and basic personal information. It may also contain information on the achievements of the person. With the modern internet technology, biographies of famous personalities are available online. These Sample biographies can help a writer or anyone while writing a biography. If you are aware of any famous person then you may Google search for his or her biography and observe the outline that the writer has used in writing the biography. While writing the biography, arrange your information in the same order as the other writer. Make sure that the literature in the biography is non fiction. This is because the biography is an account of the real life lived by an individual.

Students in high schools and lower levels are encouraged to access biographies of such famous people. A biography of a famous individual may inspire students to work hard in life. In many libraries, many articles containing biographies of famous people around the world are available to allow students access them. Information on such famous persons may as well be useful in their coursework or essay. For example; history and art & architecture courses at high school level. Therefore, biographies carry useful historical information about famous persons. Some lecturers and tutors may even require their students to write biographies in their assignments.

Some of the commonly viewed biographies include: president Obama’s biography and Martin Luther king’s biography. The biography of Martin Luther reveals that he changed his name from Michael Luther when he was thirteen to Martin Luther king Jr. The biography also reveals the efforts he made in fighting for the rights of the blacks in the United States.

At you can buy an essay online on any topic. All custom biography essays are written by top academic writers.